Betsy with Leo

Many of my clients can interpret their own pet’s behavior but when they want or need to know exactly what is going on with their pets, they call me. After a reading, people feel closer to their pets than they ever have before. I can ask any questions you want to have answered while focusing on making you both happier and healthier. I am able to directly address my clients’ concerns about their pets’ well-being whether their pets are at the beginning or end of their lives. I can also assist with dietary issues, behavioral problems, vacation/travel plans, and new animal additions.One of the most rewarding aspects of this work I find is helping people heal when their pets have crossed over by communicating with the animal’s spirit. With love, honesty, compassion and direct, clear communication as my guiding principals, my goal is to improve daily life and ease transitions for both people and animals.

For the last eleven years, I have been working as an animal communicator while further honing my skills as an intuitive healer and psychic. I am honored and blessed to be given this opportunity to deepen the relationships between animals and their people in away that makes their lives together more harmonious and loving. During a reading, animals often express sentiments that they have been trying to communicate for years and are truly grateful to be finally understood and heard. My goal is to assist all beings in creating happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Betsy talking with Ruby

How does an Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic work?

 In order to communicate with an animal, I have to be open on a psychic or energetic wavelength so that the animal can see me and I can see them. Animals communicate with me by sending me images, feelings, and yes, sometimes words or whole sentences! Because our native languages are different, an important aspect of the reading is describing to you exactly what I am receiving from the animal. It works similarly to a translator going from English to Spanish. Clear communication coupled with compassion, love and a sense of humor is how I would describe my style of reading.

The session starts with me tapping into the animal’s energetic field and first seeing what they most want to communicate. Usually, it is the same issue or issues that the person has contacted me about. You will notice as your pet is talking to me that they become more relaxed, affectionate and happier. I describe it as being the same feeling as when you have had something you wanted to say for a long time and you finally are able to let it go and make yourself heard – they also feel the same relief and joy at having their feelings acknowledged. In fact, animals are so grateful for the reading that it feels like they are giving my heart a hug in gratitude.

 Because this is primarily psychic communication, phone readings work very well. However, if you would prefer a reading done in person so I can be in the room with you, your family and your pets, I offer in-home readings in the Orlando, Florida area.