Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic, Betsy Kalin started Animal Babel to help pets and their people gain a better understanding of one another. A session with Betsy can totally transform and improve your relationship with your pet. It is the greatest gift you can give to your animal family. Betsy telepathically communicates with the animals in your life by phone or in person. Common concerns an Animal Babel session can address:

1. Behavioral & Personality Issues
2. Health/Well-Being
3. Diet
4. New Pets/Inter-Animal Issues
5. Vacations/Travel
6. Rescued Pets’ Backgrounds
7. Dying Pets & Crossed-Over Pets

Any session will also deepen your bond with your pet.

Betsy is a Pet Psychic in Orlando, Florida who does live and phone readings. Betsy has also done phone readings for people & their animals in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States.

She can do readings for you anywhere in the world.

Reviews for Animal Babel

Betsy was so gentle and loving with my dogs that they immediately felt comfortable with her and relaxed. We are very grateful for Betsy’s amazing gift and ability to facilitate communication with our pets! Instead of trying to guess or assume what was wrong we were able to connect with them directly thanks to Betsy. – M.V., San Francisco, CA

Because of Betsy not only did I never lose hope – I found Phineas! Betsy’s insight into another world helped get me through those dark days and nights when I thought he was gone forever. I will always be grateful that she shared her gift with me and Phineas! – L.S., Redding, CT

Betsy was spot-on and immediately influenced a positive change in my home. – M.D.,West Hollywood, CA

Betsy helped me understand how my cat was doing in the new environment and what I could do to make the transition better for both of us which gave me peace-of-mind.– C.C., Windsor, CT

Having witnessed her abilities in person many times, I honestly can say Betsy understands animals in ways that no one else does. – E.H., Los Angeles, CA